Summer Lunch with Prime Minister

The biggest learning moment of the summer vacation?

Reading the Elon Musk biography? No.
Strolling around Tuscany? No (but it was great).
Having a lunch at home with the former Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson? YES!
What a superbly gentle and wise old man that was part of creating the whole Swedish wellfare system that is nowadays praised all over the world. Talking about political innovation!!! And pragmatism. A thinker and a doer – all-in-one.

Brilliant Minds – excited to be selected!

So excited to have been selected to participate in Brilliant Minds 2017 – the highest profile VIP event in Scandinavia when it comes to tech and music. It is run by Spotify-founder Daniel Ek and master music manager Ash Pournouri (the man behind Avici) and only 300 people gets in.

This years theme –NUMANITY. Among the creators participating is Pharrel Williams, Mario Batali, Nick Jonas, The Elon Musk family, Timbuktu, Robyn, Tony Fadell, Usher etc. WOW!

WOW. Windsor…

Isn’t life just very just when you get to work in environments like this. Just had a meeting in Windsor, near the castle, and it is so lovely!