The Game Malmö

It is time for a real tourist attraction in Malmö besides Turning Torso. And what would be better than something for families that builds upon on of the strengths of the local business environment, the gaming industry.
NEW has been in charge of writing and organizing a prestudy and a concept making process. Now it is time for the next step…

Please read the article in Sydsvenskan here:

And read the report here:



Tech Fest Nigeria in Lagos Rocks

So we guys from the Roar Nigeria incubator were hanging out with the hottest tech people in Nigeria at Tech fest 2018 and what a great marketing experience it was. We were hot!

Ework Innovation Mania in Sierra Nevada

Schhhhyyy! Can’t you see that these 350 people from Ework are working hard and need som peace and quiet?

Actually it was all in and full gas at the innovation event for the whole Ework group in the Spanish mountains of Sierra Nevada. Great to be there and have the chance to be part of the energy of Ework!

Startups at Roar Nigeria

Part of helping Nigeria’s first university incubator, being the incubator manager. Here is a short glimpse of the everyday work and the company Magic Mirror:


WOW. Windsor…

Isn’t life just very just when you get to work in environments like this. Just had a meeting in Windsor, near the castle, and it is so lovely!